Sunday, August 5, 2007

Beautiful Indeed - August 5th, 2007 - by MrM


Just you and I in the garden.

 It is beautiful indeed.

Flowers, fruit, misty mornings... 

all sacred to our creed.

Without clothes and with no fear 

we venture here and there,

Communing with all of nature, 

naked, uncovered, without care.


Isn't it lovely in our garden? 

Together. This is grand!

To have you, hold you, love you. 

With God watching, passions fanned.
Exploring hidden treasures, 

discovering things new,

All we see, ours for the taking, 

except that forbidden fruit.


We have so much, 

who could want more? 

Paradise all around.

All that is asked is that we not partake 

of that tree that we once found.

How blessed are we to have all this? 

 I have you! You have me!

How could we ask for anything more 

than everything we see?


There are others in this garden. 

Do you hear them when they call?

They offer life and knowledge, 

and freedom most of all.

We're told that they are evil. 

I wonder if that's true? 

Can it be wrong to want to know 

what they know the way they do?


The fruit is always there, 

it is whispering my name.

In the day it shines like gold, 

in the night it is a flame.

I want what I'm told I can't have. 

Who is He to say "No".

I will try, just one small bite, 

it can't harm much, just today.


My God I'm free! I'm naked! 

I'm running from the light!

The world is not so simple 

as it felt here just last night!

My eyes are held wide open, 

by my choices they are pried.

There is no turning back now, 

the fruit already tried.


What is that you were saying, Darling? 

My mind was far away.

A walk again? Already? 

We went out just yesterday!

Don't you know that God is watching? 

You are naked, can't you see?

You want too much. You're not enough. 

I want. I fear. I need.


Won't you try this fruit, I wonder? 

 I wish you would my dear.

I would certainly feel less lonely 

if you would but join me here.

In this new world I've created 

with just one little bite,

That changed the world we knew before. 

Come! Join me tonight!


But I liked the world as we knew it. 

What is this you have done?

How could you take of that tree? 

What made you choose that one?

I'm not ready to go where you're going. 

 I want more of the same!

I want what we've already had! 

This is real life, not a game!


Please try it, I feel guilty. 

 I don't want to be alone. 

I want you to know the freedom 

of the world that I've been shown.

Just taste it. Here, just try it. 

I'll feel better if you do.

I know that you are scared. 

I'll be right here with you.


My God! I'm free! I'm naked! 

We must run from the light!

We were naive, but now we see 

dark shadows in the night.

We can't avoid that spirit. 

 It's floating through the trees.

He'll chase us down. We will be found. 

He'll see us. Find some leaves!


I miss our simple garden, 

with its luxuries and charms.

I can almost remember how it felt, 

to lie there in your arms.

We had so much. It was all ours. 

 Life was beautiful indeed.

Now I want too much. 

 Nothing is ever enough. 

 I want. I fear. I need.


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